Our Approach

We are a (soon to be) husband and wife team of business and technology evangelist consultants based out of Salt Lake City.  We founded Allenium in early 2014 to serve as a boutique consulting shop with a particular focus on maximizing our clients’ ROI of the salesforce.com platform. While we admittedly enjoy geeking out about technology and the potential efficiency it can bring to any business, we’re also very aware that implementing technology is only half the battle; the true key to success is the strategy that ultimately changes the behavior of how our clients execute their business – and that’s what we love to do.

While we both have years of experience working with large enterprise organizations, most of our clients are not-for-profits and small businesses who have tremendous potential for better leveraging technology but are, frankly, under-served in today’s market. We strongly believe that there is huge potential for these types of organizations to make dramatic efficiency and productivity changes without having to spend dramatic amounts of money.

The type of  consulting services we provide our clients include, but are in no way limited to:

  • 40-hour Quick Start Package
  • Ad-hoc (hourly)
  • Monthly retainers (minimum of 10 hours/month)
  • Contracted projects within a defined Statement of Work

The small size of our consulting shop lends us low overhead and tremendous flexibility to work with clients in a manner that works best for them.